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Adelaide Masters Series leaders extend their advantage at Mondello Park

Following some of the most competitive racing of the 2015 Adelaide Masters Season, Derek Sheils and Robert English both increased their championship advantages, over two days of racing at Mondello Park on Saturday and Sunday, July 18th & 19th.

Derek Sheils continued to dominate the top step of the Superbike podium in the Adelaide Motorbike Insurance backed series maintaining his 100% record, but this weekend was his toughest Masters of the year as he had to fight hard for every win. Superport Championship leader Robert English also extended his lead with two more wins following some of the closest Adelaide Masters Series battles ever seen at Mondello Park.

Round 7 of the Supersport Championship got the weekend of to a flying start with a six way battle which saw the lead changing almost every lap. With two laps to go English sat a close third and with one eye on the championship looked happy enough to stay there, until the battle between the front two got a little overheated. Team mates Nikki Coates and Conor Parkhill tangled, slowing both riders and giving English his opportunity to slip by and take his fifth win of the year.

Round eight was even more intense with a seven rider group battling it out for most of the race. English made his way into the lead with three laps to go, finally out-braking Coates following a number of failed attempts, and held on to win from Coates and a fast closing Robert Kennedy.

By round nine things had settled down slightly and this time Coates had a relatively easy win following the demise of Parkhill with mechanical problems and a race stopping accident for Richie Ryan. In the shortened race English came home second with Jamie Patterson finally making the podium in third. The Supersport Cup weekend was mostly about the championship top three as Paul Gaffney, Gary O’Brien and Dean Fishbourne filled all but one of the nine podium places on offer with Kevin Madigan taking the other. Paul Gaffney’s three wins helped him close the points gap to Cup Championship leader Gary O’Brien

In Superbike, Sheils looked set to continue his domination as he took the lead early in the first race but unlike at all the previous rounds he was unable to build a lead as Gerard Kinghan, Ryan Rainey and Brian McCormack were all hot on his heels. The order stayed that way for the entire race but as he crossed the line with his smallest winning margin of the season Sheils knew he had a fight on his hands.

Round eight provided the best Superbike race of the season as Kinghan and Sheils swapped the lead on a couple of occasions. As the race reached its closing stages it looked like Kinghan was set for his first Masters win until Sheils once again proved his class to force his way back into the lead and take the win by a quarter of a second from Kinghan with Rainey just two tenths further back.

For round nine it was McCormack who took the fight to Sheils despite running on extremely old tyres due to a lack of availability of rubber to suit his wheels. McCormack led for five laps before Sheils slipped by, but having regrouped McCormack was able to close back in bringing Rainey with him. In the end they both got close but neither had enough to stop Sheils taking his ninth win of the season. Edward Comerford took three more Superbike Cup wins to match Sheils Domination.

The championship moves to Bishopscourt for its annual visit for the next two rounds on August 15th before returning to Mondello Park for the finale in early October.


Supersport Race 1 – 12 Laps

1 ROBERT ENGLISH 11:08.136
2 CONOR PARKHILL 11:09.745
3 NIKKI COATES 11:09.842
4 ROBERT KENNEDY 11:10.494
5 RICHIE RYAN 11:10.639

Supersport Race 2 – 15 Laps

1 ROBERT ENGLISH 13:48.878
2 NIKKI COATES 13:50.590
3 ROBERT KENNEDY 13:50.864
4 CONOR PARKHILL 13:54.570
5 RICHIE RYAN 13:56.771
6 LUKE JOHNSTON 13:56.838

Supersport Race 3 – 10 Laps

1 NIKKI COATES 09:11.536
2 ROBERT ENGLISH 09:12.537
4 LUKE JOHNSTON 09:18.946

Superbike Race 1 – 12 Laps

1 DEREK SHIELS 11:02.713
2 GERARD KINGHAM 11:06.133
3 RYAN RANEY 11:06.316
5 PETER MOLONEY 11:11.685
6 MARK GLASGOW 11:18.442

Superbike Race 2 – 15 Laps

1 DEREK SHIELS 13:47.504
2 GERARD KINGHAM 13:47.764
3 RYAN RANEY 13:47.964
5 PETER MOLONEY 13:56.016
6 MARK GLASGOW 14:02.346

Superbike Race 3 – 15 Laps

1 DEREK SHIELS 13:43.525
3 RYAN RANEY 13:44.752
4 GERARD KINGHAM 13:50.340
5 PETER MOLONEY 13:56.078
6 DECLAN HOEY 13:57.043


Full results can be found on mylaps