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Derek Sheils with Adelaidies at the Adelaide Masters 2015

Derek Sheils at the Adelaide Masters 2015

Shiels and English extend championship leads while Classic Superbike Stars wow the crowds at Mondello Park Adelaide Masters
Mondello Park was bathed in sunshine for the running of rounds 4, 5 and 6 of the Adelaide Motorbike Insurance supported Adelaide Masters Series today (Sunday May 24th), which included a memorial for the recently deceased Aidan Lynam, who had been a big part of the Adelaide Masters Series TV coverage on Mondello.TV.The event began with a parade lap of riders wearing #34 stickers in memory of the racing number Aidan competed with. Any rider purchasing a #34 sticker at the event was entitled to take part, with all of the money raised going to Down Syndrome Ireland, the charity which Aidan worked for so tirelessly. Mondello Park also contributed a portion of the gate receipts from the event to DSI.

Once racing got underway it was the Supersport Championship which produced most of the action, as Robert English extended his Championship lead. Having dominated event one with three wins English was pushed a lot harder this weekend as Conor Parkhill and Robert Kennedy both visited the top step of the podium. Parkhill was the winner on Saturday while Kennedy and English had to be split by the judges after a photo finish to Sunday’s first race, with the verdict going to Kennedy. Having lost out in such a tight finish English was determined to make ammends in race three and pushed through to the lead before cruising to a comfortable victory.

The Supersport Cup competitors had an extra incentive to win this weekend with the awarding of the Aidan Lynam Memorial Cup to the winner of the class in race three. Having fallen off in the second race of the weekend Dean Fishbourne bounced back to take an emotional victory in that race and became the first to lift the award, which will presented annually at the event closest to Aidan’s anniversary. Earlier that day Gary O’Brien was the winner while Saturday’s race also went to Fishbourne.

Superbike was all about Derek Sheils as he kept his 100% record and moved his win tally to six. The Dubliner’s Kawasaki was uncatchable as he dominated yet again. Most impressive of the rest was Ryan Rainey, back at Mondello Park after a long lay off on a brand new Yamaha R1. Rainey made the podium in all three races finishing behind Gerard Kinghan and Sheils each time.aAdelaide Masters May sunday a (1117 of 1206)

In the Superbike Cup Edward Comerford extended his championship lead with three more wins to match Sheils record. Eoghan Delaney and Declan Madden shared the Cup podium with Comerford on each occasion.

A star studded field of Classic Superbike riders put on fantastic show for the large crowd with Jeremy McWilliams and Ian Simpson leading the way in both races. McWilliams was headed by Simpson each time and had to battle hard to take his wins. Local hero Hilton Hincks on his return following a long lay off was third in the first two races but jumped the start in race three and was demoted to fourth handing the last podium spot to Michael Neeves.

The Adelaide Masters Series returns to Mondello Park on July 18th and 19th for another three rounds on the National Track. All of the action from rounds 4 and 5 will shortly be available to view again on Mondello.TV



Superbike Race 1 – 12 Laps

1 DEREK SHEILDS 11:01.100

2 GERARD KINGHAN 11:05.663

3 RYAN RAINEY 11:11.058Adeladies at the Adelaide Masters 2015

4 MARK GLASGOW 11:16.426

5 DECLAN HOEY 11:16.444

6 PETER MOLONEY 11:19.405


Superbike Race 2 – 15 Laps

1 DEREK SHEILS 13:44.921aAdelaide Masters MAY Sunday B (1782 of 1098)

2 GERARD KINGHAN 13:49.379

3 RYAN RAINEY 13:55.171

4 PETER MOLONEY 14:02.146

5 MARK GLASGOW 14:03.571

6 ALAN KENNY 14:12.951


Superbike Race 3 – 15 Laps

1 DEREK SHEILS 13:44.883

2 GERARD KINGHAN 13:48.723

3 RYAN RAINEY 13:53.934

4 DECLAN HOEY 13:54.349

5 MARK GLASGOW 14:01.559

6 PETER MOLONEY 14:04.638


Supersport Race 1 – 12 Laps

1 CONOR PARKHILL 11:10.260

2 NIKI COATES 11:10.835

3 ROBERT KENNEDY 11:11.460

4 ROBERT ENGLISH 11:12.030

5 JASON LYNN 11:12.316

6 RICHIE RYAN 11:14.725


Supersport Race 2 – 15 Laps

1 ROBERT KENNEDY 13:52.190

2 ROBERT ENGLISH 13:52.197

3 CONOR PARKHILL 13:54.163

4 NIKI COATES 13:54.325

5 JASON LYNN 13:56.642

6 JUKE JOHNSTON 13:57.684


Supersport Race 3 – 12 Laps

1 ROBERT ENGLISH 11:02.706

2 ROBERT KENNEDY 11:03.967

3 JASON LYNN 11:04.462

4 NIKI COATES 11:05.352

5 LUKE JOHNSTON 11:10.529

6 RICHIE RYAN 11:14.617


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