Adelaide Masters Series race in Ireland, Robert English takes the lead.

Marshall Neill the big Adelaide Masters winner at Mondello Park

The Adelaide Masters Series motorcycle racing series, backed by UK & Republic of Ireland motorbike insurance specialists Adelaide Motorbike Insurance, returned to Mondello Park last weekend for three more championship rounds, which saw Marshall Neill on top in the Superbike class and three different winners in Supersport. The Grand Final also went to Neill on his first appearance at Mondello Park since the season opener in April.

Three of the eleven titles on offer across all of the Adelaide Masters Series classes were decided by Sunday evening, despite their being three rounds still to run at the final Mondello Park event on October 4th & 5th.

Marshall Neill may have dominated the top step of the Superbike podium but he was made to work extremely hard for each of his three championship wins, as Cody Nally and Brian McCormack battled with him throughout. Nally may not have taken victory but a string of podium finishes helped him to extend his lead over his nearest rivals, and he now heads to the final event with only McCormack as a serious opponent for the 2014 Superbike crown.

Carl Phillips went into Sunday’s event leading the Supersport series from David Haire but with Haire a no-show, Phillips knew he only had to finish all three races to make him the firm favourite for the Supersport title. The Supersport races saw three new names added to the 2014 roll of honour, with teenagers Jason Lynn an Conor Parkhill taking their first ever outright Adelaide Masters Series wins. The new additions to the winners list made it nine different winners from the eleven races.

The best Philips could manage in the championship races was a single second place but he had the consolation of being top Supersport rider in the Grand Final, where the fastest 30 riders from all classes come together to race for the biggest prize fund of the day. Here he took fourth place behind winner Marshall Neill, second placed Cody Nally and Brian McCormack.

The first of the season’s major awards was wrapped up by Kevin Keyes who took the Supersport ‘Cup’ class which is for less experienced riders competing in the main Supersport race. Keyes victory followed a non-finish by Ross Patterson, who was his only rival for the title and he sealed the championship in style, taking the ‘Cup’ victory and his best overall finish of the season in fifth place. The other two titles to be wrapped up were the 250GP title which went to Ronan Shanahan and the Moto3 award which was secured up by Caolan Irwin.

The Adelaide Masters Series competitors now have five weeks to prepare for the final three rounds, which take them onto the Mondello Park International Track for the first time in 2014. The last event, like all of the previous rounds held at Mondello Park this year, will be broadcast live on the internet via the circuit’s own live streaming TV channel, Mondello.TV on Saturday 4th Oct

Adelaide Masters Series Results

Superbike Round 9


1st Marshall Neill

2nd Brian McCormack 0.263

3rd Cody Nally 0.406

4th Damien Byrne 2.089

5th Gerard Kinghan 5.921

6th Declan Hoey 12.129

Superbike Cup

1st Declan Hoey

Supersport Round 9


1st Jason Lynn

2nd Jamie Patterson 0.135

3rd Carl Phillips 0.886

4th Robert English 1.313

5th Richie Ryan 1.663

6th Conor Parkhill 7.622

Superbike Cup

1st Ross Patterson

Superbike Round 10


1st Marshall Neill

2nd Cody Nally 0.158

3rd Brian McCormack 0.571

4th Damien Byrne 7.421

5th Jamie Patterson 10.737

6th Peter Moloney 10.890

Superbike Cup

1st Declan Hoey

Supersport Round 10


1st Conor Parkhill

2nd Carl Phillips 0.827

3rd Jason Lynn 1.376

4th Robert English 1.558

5th Jamie Patterson 1.929

6th Richie Ryan 13.170

Superbike Cup

1st Ross Patterson

Superbike Round 11


1st Marshall Neill

2nd Cody Nally 0.453

3rd Brian McCormack 6.558

4th Gerard Kinghan 7.771

5th Peter Moloney 11.955

6th Damien Byrne 12.863

Superbike Cup

1st Declan Hoey

Supersport Round 11


1st Jamie Patterson

2nd Robert English 0.293

3rd Jason Lynn 0.743

4th Carl Phillips 2.060

5th Kevin Keyes 24.325

6th Paraic Dooley 36.753

Superbike Cup

1st Kevin Keyes

Adelaide Masters Grand Final


1st Marshall Neill

2nd Cody Nally 0.502

3rd Brian McCormack 2.132

4th Carl Phillips 9.583

5th Peter Moloney 9.649

6th Jason Lynn 9.659

1st Supersport Rider

Carl Phillips

1st Cup Rider

Thomas O’Grady

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