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Our unique road safety initiatives have helped reduce both biker casualties & motorcycle insurance costs.

“Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance not only advocates road safety, we are actively involved in it, because so many of our customers are affected by road accidents and we need to do all we can to minimise these. In doing so we’re also helping to keep the cost of motorbike insurance down.”

Sam Geddis, Managing Director of Cornmarket Insurance Services of which Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance is a brand.

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Our statistics prove that riders who participate in recognised road safety programmes are safer motorcyclists and as a result make further savings on their insurance.There is an expectation that insurers are concerned with deaths on the roads. Whilst other insurers have funded government advertising campaigns on road safety, Cornmarket have gone a step further by getting directly involved in working with our business partners, donating our time, facilities and marketing expertise to make a more quantifiable & direct impact on vulnerable road users.

This has meant taking the lead in helping develop BikeSafe with the PSNI and creating the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists group (now Cornmarket Advanced Motorcycle group).

If as a result of any of our biker road safety initiatives detailed below, one biker is saved, the financial benefit to society has been calculated by Government agencies to be approximately £1.7 million. (In Northern Ireland to give you an idea of the cost to society)


Complete a successful BikeSafe assessment for a further 10% motorbike insurance saving with Cornmarket.

www.bikesafe.co.uk and www.bikesafe.ie for Irish bikers

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biker-safetySince 2002, Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance began to proactively support the Police Service for Northern Ireland’s (PSNI) BikeSafe initiative which offers motorcyclists a free assessment of their riding ability based on an observational ride. At the end of the ride the PSNI officer would highlight the good points and outline areas where the motorcyclists could improve.

biker-safetyAs this format of assessment would not attract insurers to offer an insurance discount, Adelaide worked closely with the PSNI to develop a format that would be acceptable for an insurance discount. The outcome was a more structured assessment covering six areas of rider ability and knowledge. With this in place and insurers on-board Adelaide has since encouraged their customers to have a Bikesafe assessment and support BikeSafe events organised by the PSNI.

Constable Bill Holden, BikeSafe NI Co-ordinator for the PSNI: “Sam and I made contact in 1997 on the back of the number of bikers that were being killed on our roads, many of whom were Cornmarket Motorbike’s customers. When you are dealing with the human side of a person losing their life in a traffic collision, you can see and hear the traumatic impact it has on a wide circle of people, not just the immediate family.

Sam wanted to do something to help his customer’s safety on the road. From that meeting the BikeSafe initiative has evolved in Northern Ireland with Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance as one of its key partners and supporters. To date well over 3,000 bikers have availed of the free assessment, which is making a major contribution to reducing the number of bikers killed and injured on our roads.”

If you’ve successfully completed a BikeSafe assessment, please register for a quote and save.

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How Cornmarket is helping to get the safety message to bikers.

Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM RoadSmart)

The “Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists” group, a pathway to accredited further training & motorbike insurance savings.

advanced-logoTo complement Bikesafe, Cornmarket formed their own advanced motorcycle group in 2010 with the objective of progressing Bikesafe candidates to an advanced riding standard. Thereby, adding another group to over 200 other volunteer Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) groups throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our challenge at the time was to encourage bikers to go beyond BikeSafe and undertake further training. This was difficult as the IAM infrastructure in Northern Ireland could not cope. As a solution, Adelaide formed the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists group to provide an alternative route for candidates to train and complete the IAM test, which later became the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists group. To achieve this, Cornmarket joined forces with a number of local interested parties i.e. BikeSafe, Phillip McCallen Motorcycles, the Quay Vipers Motorcycle Club to form this new IAM Group.

The main focus of the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists is to help make riders safer and more responsible on our roads. Emphasis is on progressive riding and staying one step ahead of other road users by knowing how to predict hazards and accurately assess road and traffic conditions. Once a rider passes the IAM Advanced Riding Test, they’re more controlled, confident, and ultimately, a better rider and therefore likely to make further savings on their motorcycle insurance!

advanced-logo The formation of the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists group is not only being financed by Cornmarket but each course is subsidised by Cornmarket to ensure that the offer to motorcyclists is attractive. To find out more, sign up for the Advanced Riding Test or get involved in rider training & testing (Observing & Examining) please contact: aam@adelaideinsurance.com or 028 9044 2200.

Riders who pass this test become full members of the IAM Roadsmart, supporting the UK’s leading road safety charity, also in The Republic of Ireland and dedicated to increasing skills for all road users, raising driving and riding standards and helping to save lives on our roads. https://www.iamroadsmart.com/ or www.iami.ie

If you’re already an IAM member and have passed the IAM Advanced Riding Test, please register for a quote with our IAM Surety brand, officially appointed as the IAM Roadsmarts’s motorbike insurance provider.

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IAM Surety

When Cornmarket made a commitment to road safety it was for the sole purpose of protecting our customers and society’s motorcyclists.

We did not foresee the impact that this decision would have directly on our business as a result. Through working closely with road safety agencies, particularly the PSNI and the IAM, we developed a mutual understanding for each other’s objectives and one of Cornmarket’s main objectives was to reward additional training with an insurance discount.

Cornmarket already had a discount in place for motorcyclists when we were approached by the IAM in 2005 to provide an insurance service for their 3000 Northern Ireland members. The service was very successful and as a result a year later we were appointed the UK’s official broker for the 13,000 IAM motorcyclists. Again the service was a runaway success because of our understanding of the membership. This led Cornmarket to tender to become the insurance provider for the 130,000 IAM car membership, which we won in October 2007.

It has also become company policy that all staff motorcycle & car drivers pass their IAM test, at the company’s expense.

This policy provides all eligible staff with a skill which will serve them well not only in connection with their employment but also provides them with a skill for life.

This has led to two main benefits:

  • Staff have an empathy with our main account members the IAM and fully understand what makes them tick as they are members of the IAM too.
  • To date Cornmarket staff have not been involved in any major road incidents; this is especially notable as Cornmarket’s workforce is predominantly young. Long may this last.

The IAM awarded Cornmarket Insurance Services “The Dominic Fox Award” in 2004 for our major contribution to road safety.

In 2011, 2012 and again in 2013, Cornmarket was honoured in the UK’s leading awards for our road safety programmes and was among a small group of businesses to receive Business in the Community’s (BITC) coveted National Big Tick for our “motorcycling and young driver road safety initiative programmes”.

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