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Making the pure pleasure of motorcycling even better!

If you’re passionate about biking let us help you get the maximum out of the whole riding experience by giving your skills a boost, improving your technique & increasing your ability and confidence. It will also help improve your safety on the road.

Apply to do the IAM Roadsmart’s advanced riding programme.

cornmarket advanced motorcyclists, advanced motorcyclistsMany who complete this course go on to achieve excellent reductions in insurance premiums via the IAM Roadsmart’s official insurance scheme: IAM Surety, provided by ourselves. Our statistics show that motorcyclists who successfully complete recognised road safety programmes, like the IAM’s are safer bikers as a result and therefore enjoy further discounts on their motorbike insurance with us. The Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists will deliver the IAM’s Skills for Life Programme which will prepare each rider for the test through regular one-to-one sessions with an IAM Observer.

By signing up for this course you also become an IAM member, supporting the UK’s leading road safety charity, (also in The Republic of Ireland) dedicated to increasing skills for all road users, raising driving and riding standards and helping to save lives on our roads.https://www.iamroadsmart.com/

Northern Ireland motorcyclists who would like to find out more, sign up for the Advanced Riding Test or get involved in rider training & testing (Observing & Examining) please contact: aam@adelaideinsurance.com or 07517 806567. See here for a competitive motorbike insurance quote.

About the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclist group:

To cope with the demand for more advanced rider training in Northern Ireland, the charity – Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) joined forces with a number of local interested parties i.e. Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance, BikeSafe and The Quay Bikers Motorcycle Club to form another IAM Group called the “Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists” group (previously the “Adelaide Advanced Motorists” Group).

The group was officially formed on 9 September 2010, at Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance offices in Belfast and the IAM’s Group Support Manager at the time, Dave Shenton was present to sanction the Group, adding another Group to the over 200 volunteer IAM Groups across the UK.

The demand for advanced rider training has been partly fuelled by BikeSafe who’ve encouraged many of the motorcyclists that complete the free BikeSafe assessment in Northern Ireland, to undergo the IAM’s Skills for Life Programme . This together with a greater public awareness of the programmes road safety benefits and motorbike insurance discounts has ignited more interest.

IAM Surety already sponsors each employee with a full motorcycle or car licence, to complete the IAM’s advanced motorcycle or car test, so it made perfect sense to galvanise these advanced riders and drivers to join the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists group.

IAM Surety, a brand of Cornmarket Insurance Services also renews each employees’ IAM membership annually. Apart from this helping the IAM charity which supports the raising of riding and driving standards and campaigns for increased on-road skills, it also means that we have an immediate empathy with IAM members when they contact us for IAM Surety insurance, because we’re one of them!

Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance has been promoting road safety to our customers for many years and in forming the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists group we’re now able to deliver the IAM Skills For Life Programme to our customers and motorcyclists in general through Observers & Examiners created within the group.

It’s this type of road safety initiative that has helped reduce both biker casualties & motorbike insurance costs.

If you’ve successfully completed the IAM’s Skills for Life Programme, BikeSafe or Bikewise, then register for a motorbike insurance quote , as you’re likely to enjoy further discounts on your motorbike insurance.